Những địa danh nổi tiếng ở mỹ
The lush inexperienced winding twenty eight.8km track round the lake works within the same means because the roads of Taiwan and, for that matter, most of the globe — a minor challenge for a awfully left-handed Australian. The waters of Sun Moon Lake ar greenish blue inexperienced and deep blue, and at sunset the encircling mountains ar shrouded in mist.
Willows and edible seed trees stoop into the lake wherever tiny rent boats and bigger cruisers ar moored.
The bike track is hydrocarbon and boards, winding however straightforward and infrequently lined on either facet by leafed red plants.
There’s lots of purpose of interest data signs, huge mirrors to envision around tight turns and picnic furnishings on the means.
There’s additionally lots of bike rent businesses and therefore the occasional vibrant temple, complete with angry dragons at their entrances. each stopping spot may be a golden photo op.
At the city district is that the city of Yuchi, with low retailers pushing onto the lake, and halfway around is that the concrete and glass business enterprise centre, looming sort of a large wave threatening to flood the geological formation.
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