Quà 1/6 cho bé thật ý nghĩa

MYANMAR is to allow the inexperienced light-weight to new hotels in its south earth by the top of the year, officers say.

The for the most part good Mergui earth includes 800 islands within the Andaman Sea, simply off the continental coast.

“The region includes a heap of potential to be a replacement commercial enterprise destination as most of the islands square measure untouched and have coral reefs,” aforementioned Sai Kyaw Ohn, deputy minister for hotels and commercial enterprise. “We hope these will attract ecotourists and different.”
Some twenty seven native firms and joint ventures square measure awaiting approval from the Union of Burma Investment Commission (MIC) for brand spanking new edifice and resort comes on the islands, he said.

“We hope MIC can enable all twenty seven corporations to line up hotels and resorts by December,” he said. 2 joint ventures are already granted approval to make resorts on the islands. Those developments would see 5 hotels and motels with 196 rooms by the top of 2014.

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