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Bag Spy Camera - Spy Hand Bag Camera - Spy Bag DVR with Remote

For first sight you will think it's just a common leather bag like all the others, however you took a great mistake. This bag is a magic one which hide a spy camera inside even invisible.
Once get this spy device, you'll be afraid of failing to find the inlaied mini camera. This is the talented art of this spy master! It collects image and sound quietly with satisfactory results and internal 4GB memory.

This spy camera includs a charger device which pair with USB cable inside the bag and itself hide beside the zip. With the bag under you arm, you can spy anything you want even under interior low light with remote control.
Besides, aiming to bring more convenience to your life this spy gadget can play a role of U-disk as well with its internal 4GB memory.

It applies to evidence-retaining, security system, tourism activities and even health care.
Most important caution as follows: Anyone who has ordered this device must use it legally. We are not responsible for any criminal procedure caused by using this device illegally. Please strictly abide by relevant state laws and refrain from illegal use.

Feature :

  • Spy gadget
  • Built-in mini-sized camera
  • Easy to use, good hidden, good video recording
  • Backup U-disk
  • Widely use

Specification :

  • Primary function: Spy briefcase
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Image rate: 30fps
  • Sensitivity: 0.6Lux (1.3V/Lux.SEC)
  • Materials: Leather
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB port: USB 2.0
  • Dimension: 216x140x50 mm
  • Weight: 359g
  • Color: Black

Product notes :

  • When it detects sound, this spy bug will call your cell phone
  • Works world wide, to date the simplest audio spying solution
  • You can recharge the spy audio device by connecting the USB charger cable to the power charger

Package List

  • 1xGSM spy device
  • 1xUSB cable
  • 1xRemote control
  • 1xUser manual


Click -->Camera ngụy trang túi xách nam có điều khiển từ xa

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Camera ngụy trang túi xách nam có điều khiển từ xa

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